About Doodles
{digital postings from a real-life sketchbook, v. 1.0}
Doodles were drawn with a mechanical pencil or ballpoint pen on dot matrix printer paper or lesson notes during Bible study class. That's why a lot of sketches are of church fixtures, the lecturer, or the floral arrangement on the altar that changes every week.
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Last updated: 8/7/2017
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2005/2006 term
#  - Flowers, lecturer, teen girl
#  - Flowers, lecturer
#  - Women in various outfits
#  - Flowers, hands, feet
#  - Lecturer, lecturer's hand holding Bible
#  - Monkeys, bears, cow, dogs, antelope, masks, claws
#  - Mouse, flowers, hands, Egyptian, some guy and two female faces
#  - Random people, dirt clod, stick figures, monkey, frog, unicorn, bunny, ghost, pumpkin, flower, back of head
#  - Stick figures, flower, cats, unicorn, turtle, back of head
#  - Flowers, self portraits
#  - Flowers, Venus Dee Milo, random man and women
#  - Stick figure, flowers, random women
#  - Stick figures in action
#  - Flowers, faces, me in winter clothes, random girl
#  - Angel fixture, angel, crawling person, self portait
#  - Angel fixture, hands, flowers, ornamentation, bunny, cats, face, figure
#  - Lemon wedge, balloon, bird, bunny, dog, lion, angel, person, stick figures
#  - Tiny bunny and bird, random faces, Dinah, Jacob and his sons (particularly Simeon and Levi)
#  - Notes on sanctuary decorations
#  - Stick figures, random people, flower, decoration
#  - Koala, teen girl in various outfits
#  - Flowers, cows, insects, Lecturer, dog, bear, snake, Egyptian, stick figure
#  - Lecturer, Dead Girl, Venus Dee Milo, stick figure, male and female figures, man carrying, hand practice
#  - Flowers, stick figures in action
#  - Flowers, balloon animals, flower petals, Easter egg, fish, deer, elephant, spider, goose, chick, ducks, dandelion
#  - Sun, cactus, snowmen, horses, ducks, panda, flowers, cats, dogs, teddy bears
#  - Flower and cloud, bunnies, birds, dog, flopping bear, octopus, squid
#  - Flowers, bird, dogs, cats, donkey
#  - Birds, duck, frog, bear
2004/2005 term
#  - Hanging attachment, sticks, two faces, and wings
#  - Faces, clothing, doggy, Methodist symbol, self, spider, Egyptian monster
#  - Cats and a bunny
#  - Dancing cats, teddy, snake, snowman, birds
#  - Hand, ornamentation, bunnies, snowman, face, rhino, bird, doggy
#  - Bunny, sun, cloud, pony, cow
#  - Side wall, flowers, duckies, random people
#  - Bunny, elephant, wrist, kerchiefed girl
#  - Hands, thumbs, and roses
#  - Guys and ladies
2006/2007 term
#  - Bunny, bird, snake, girls with animal ears, turtles
#  - Cat, dog, fingers, fish
#  - Flowers, stick horse, candle, girls
#  - Various women (and a few guys)
#  - Church designs, bird, Lecturer, snow girl
#  - Angel, snow girl, figures
#  - Shadowman, people, fingers, face, figures
#  - Symbols, shrouded figure, hands, faces
#  - Flowers, cupholder, snowman, bunny, bird, women
#  - Wrapped women, flowers, deer
#  - Old man, women
#  - Fanfiction pirates
#  - Wrapped women
#  - Flowers, fish, snowgirl, fashion designs
#  - Dog, cat, puppets, hands
#  - Spider, lobster, cats, clothes, fanfiction pirates
#  - Flowers, various tiny animals, abstract bust
#  - Lecturer drafts
#  - Flowers, candle, church designs, mouse, duck
#  - Flowers, wrapped figures, action figures, deer, gun, duck, cubes
#  - Website designs, pajama self portrait drafts
#  - Flowers, alligator, website designs, bunny girl drafts, stone, umbrella, metamorphosis fiction character designs
#  - Flowers, plants, bunnies, swan, self portrait, lobotomy patient
#  - Flowers, rabbits, chickens, duck, dog, pig, deer, raccoon, elephant, rhinoceros, figures
#  - Flowers, bunnies, cats, mouse, duck, horse, dog, fishes, sun, partly cloudy sun, dragon draft
#  - Flowers, bunnies, dog, cat, mouse, fish, bird, monkey, whale, stylized figures, patterns
#  - Angel and devil figures, hands, foxes, snail, dog, lizard, clown, monsters, thunder cloud
#  - Snail and shell, bunny, butterflies, spiders, fox, parrot, horses, sun, patterns
#  - Cats, bunnies, horses, hands, scissors, figures, cubes
#  - Horses, bunnies, lady bugs, caterpillar, elephant, Pinocchio, figure, Potato Head
2007/2008 term
#  - Sour grapes, hoodie girl, flowers, incense, cute animals
#  - Cute animals, compact, flowers, candle, clips, necklace
#  - Cats, bunnies, snakes, teddy bears, sheep, horse, bird, and designs
#  - Candle, fish, moose, cats, teddy bears, people practice
#  - Flowers, skeletons, hands, mouse
#  - Flowers, viral bloom designs, person, hands, cute animals
#  - Angel decorations, water stand, lecturer, birds, mouse
#  - Flowers, incense, books, people practice, bunnies
#  - Flowers, duck, people practice, self-portrait
#  - Mice, birds, flowers, people practice, phage, designs, decorations
#  - Flowers, faces, mask, boy with bat, phone/hand practice
#  - Flowers, stick figure poses, cat, dog, mice
#  - Flowers, hands, faces, girl in dress, wrapped Egyptian, horse, dog, donkeys, mice, candle
#  - Flowers, hands with spikes, silly doodles, stern lady, kid with snake, Avatar:  the Last Airbender sketches
#  - Self portraits, stick figures, fanfiction pirates
#  - Flowers, candles, self portraits, turtles, candle, bunny, cat, mouse, hands, snitch, cube, book, jewel, goofy people, woman pushing, woman in blanket
#  - Fanfiction pirates
#  - Fanfiction pirates,lamp, church designs
#  - Fanfiction pirates, faces, cross centerpiece
#  - Flowers, faces, church designs, Buddhist monks
#  - Flowers, swirls, lollipop, folded arms, snake, fanfiction pirate turning into dragon, figure
#  - Fanfiction pirates
#  - Busts, stick figure, creepy guy, dogs, bunnies, mouse, circles, Punisher belt
#  - Flower, dogs, cats, ducks, mouse, cow, caterpillars, horse, cube, hand, thunder clouds, designs
#  - Designs, stick figures, Christmas tree, elephant, mouse, dogs, dandelion
#  - Flowers, designs, boats, skulls, snowman, various animals, people, stick figures
#  - Dandelion, designs, stick figures, match, dogs, birds, pig, duck, deer, cartoony figures, feet, hand
#  - Flowers, face, designs, snowman, panda
2008/2009 term
#  - Flowers, snowman, kitty, birds, stuffed animals
#  - Needle and thread, hand puppets, combs and fixtures, bird, dog, bear, bunny, stuffed animals, stick horse
#  - Mouse, plants, angry eyes, hands, stuffed animals, bird
#  - Burning bush attempts
#  - Stick figures, lambs, hyssop, chariot wheels, parted sea
#  - Stuffed animals, birds, bees, spiders, glasses, rings, hands, person, stick figures
#  - Stuffed animals, horse, sheep, shells, pawn, lollipop, leaves
#  - Plants, tubes, horse, seal, kitty, birds, squishy fish, hand
#  - Flowers, sheep, horse, girl
#  - Bunnies, kitty, snake, stuffed toys, sun, cloud, flowers
#  - Last chance to draw lecturer
#  - Flowers, designs, stick figures, bunnies, snowman, sun, horse, fish, mouse, elephant, bird, house, hand
#  - Stick figures, flowers, bunny, cartoon figures
#  - Designs, stick figures, sheep, pigs, snowmen, dog, bunny, snail, bird, flower
#  - Designs, angels, cat, panda, face, sun, moon, stick figure
#  - Willows, hearts, flower, telephone, bunny, bird, masks
#  - Flowers, clock, toothbrushes, elephant, cats, bear, horse, birds, hands, wig, headless person, combs
#  - Designs, flowers, grapes, cube, face
#  - Designs, flowers, snowmen, hand, birds, Ten Commandment tablets
BSF Doodle
2009/2010 term
#  - Dresses, thumb, ladies, fruit, hands, clothing, skull
#  - Hairdo, mouse, flower, girl, mouse, church patterns, lamp, designs and angel
#  - Cat, hairdo, church lights, water jugs, gift, mouse, snake lifted up, hooded people, wigs, heads, skulls, dog, feathers, combs, leaves, grapes, bunny, night, glasses
#  - Bone, figures, self-portrait, clasps, dog, cat, sheep, fish, ice, flowers, finger, needle and thread
#  - Faces, angel, bunny, heart, sun, affirmations
#  - Bird, masks, designs, various people
#  - Self-portrait, bunny, boy, girl, rings, shells, pastries, pluses, hands, glasses, pyramid
#  - Fox, duck, faces, hands, figures, lobster, bones, beads, mask, church pattern
#  - Church patterns, cat, mice, dancer, ladies, gust, stake, olive
#  - Bird, bunny, figures, unicorn, affirmation
#  - Flowers, stars, designs, fanfiction pirates
#  - Ladies and figures
#  - Cat, hairdo, church lights, water jugs, gift, mouse, snake lifted up, hooded people
#  - Swirls, ladies, candy cane, dog, rings, candy, coin, flower, vase, mask, birds, apple, fox head
#  - Self-portraits, cats, elephant, fish, star
#  - Mouse, various people
#  - Stick figures, mice, fishes, elephant, bunny, cow, fox, spider, donkey, shoe, sun, cups, thread, designs
#  - Toucan, horse, bunny, barn, candy, stars, ornament, disc
#  - Dogs, clouds, turtle, designs
Seminars/ Conference
#  - Self-portraits, flowers, pastor's chair designs, bunny, gown, man, woman
#  - Self-portraits, various women, pianos, dog, bear, moons, mask
#  - Various women, face practice, birds, cat, sunglasses, plants,designs
#  - Weapons, crouching girl, hourglass, White Rabbit, back of person
#  - Flowers, birds, bunnies, designs, hippo, snowman, various women
#  - Plants, writing hand, designs, bear, panda, pig, horses, dog, chick, mouse, snake, smiley face
#  - Plants, angels from Revelation, beach ball, thread, horses, duck, snowman
#  - Various symbols, designs, animals, hands, people, flowers, candies